Saturday, May 2, 2009

Too Busy for "The Busy Epidemic"

A week or so ago I ordered a small group DVD series from the American Association of Christian Counselors called "The Busy Epidemic: Conquering Stress & Anxiety." I had looked at it several times in the past - it's a part of the AACC's Fresh Start Recovery Series for small group leaders. I've always found their content to be rich, on target and often convicting. I expected no less from this series.

I've never been one to shy away from examining my shortcomings - professionaly, it's an opportunity to work on them, turn them into assets. I do a lot of executive coaching in my secular work and one of the things I frequently work with my clients on is helping them see the value of really owning what they don't do well and soliciting feedback from others to give context to the impact of those shortcomings.

Although ultimately I ordered "The Busy Epidemic" as a resource to bring to a small group at some point, my expectation was that it was going to be an opportunity for self examination as I previewed the materials. I already know I'm "busy." I already know this is having a negative impact on my life and likely the people I love. But I fully expect to be convicted in areas I wasn't ready to own as I go through this series.

But now that I have DVDs in hand (4 of them) I can't seem to find the time to watch them. How's that for irony? Okay someone reading this is thinking "creative avoidance" but it's definitely not that. I typically play these in the car to make the most of my 2 hours a day commute time, but my travel DVD player is having an issue. (No I don't drive and watch DVDs, I close the screen and just listen - like talk radio.)

Every once and a while I wonder if the devil's hand is in things like that ... creating a convenient obstacle that's just enough to keep us from following the path God has planned for us. Pray for me that all obstacles may be removed from my path, that I may get from this series what God would have me learn and provide me with opportunities to bring comfort to others plagued with a busy epidemic.

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