Monday, November 9, 2009

INTJ – Our Jokes Aren’t Like Your Jokes

Have you seen this latest Intel commercial? I know … I really enjoy it way too much.

I have found myself playing it over and over just in the short time it took me to put this blog post together. I am such a geek – such an INTJ! And you MBTI type-talkers know exactly what I’m talking about. Whether you’re an INTJ yourself or not, you know one, you’ve worked with one, you’ve avoided one in the hallway or lunch room – oh no, here comes that Introverted-iNtuitive-Thinker-Judger!

And, of course, (geek) it was not lost on me that the company name (Intel) starts with an I N T and the little plus sign that the guy changed was right in front of a letter “J” – I N T plus J? … but I digress.

The commercial also reminds me of my favorite INTJ humor poster, which is probably what initially caught my eye about it:

As I expect is normal, even though I am a Type Practitioner who is knowledgeable about and works with all types, I’ve certainly spent more time researching my own combination of Preferences than any of the other 15 Types. If you look back at the MBTI pages here in my blog, I’ve certainly got more info for the INTJ’s than any other type.

You can check out all 16 here: Myers-Briggs (MBTI) Resource Central


Unknown said...

This is brilliant - I once did a workshop for 12 silent IT folks (Enterprise Architecture). They assured me that they were a hilarious and fun-loving group. I, ENFP that I am, simply didn't "get it".

Unknown said...

Like you, and I'm sure many others, I played it multiple times. Not necessarily for the fun, but was trying to run the calculation, too. Thanks. KWH

Gabe Taviano said...

Loved it! Thanks for tweeting it over!

Peter P said...

That's hilarious!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so!

Anonymous said...

Great . . . this is so INT . . . as an INTP I enjoyed this immensely and will be sharing this with my dear INTJ friend.

ML Yost said...

Thanks everyone! And thanks, Sandy for the repost:

ML Yost said...

Some newer INTJ humor has been posted: