Friday, January 29, 2010

Thank God for the Introvert's Verbal Filter

One of the common (MBTI) characteristics of an Introvert (I) is that we typically have a well developed verbal filter. Since my other Type characteristics (NTJ) tend to make my thoughts critical, direct and sarcastic, I’m very appreciative that most of those thoughts remain thoughts and don’t actually come out of my mouth.

Last summer, my friend Tracey posted this Bob Newhart video on her blog, reflecting how she was appreciative that her husband Roy was the counselor in the family, because if she were the counselor, the sessions would likely go like this:

I do a lot of counseling in my job and I have to confess that this clip runs in my head from time to time. Sometimes you just want to say “stop it!”… but you don’t.

Another one of my favorite TV counselors/therapists is Jane Lynch’s Dr. Linda Freeman from “Two and a Half Men.” If Jane weren’t so busy on “Glee” (another favorite of mine) I’d petition for Dr. Linda Freeman to get her own spin off show. I could easily watch 30 minutes of this every week. Couldn’t you?


tracey said...

i love jane lynch - i had no idea she was on 2 1/2 men. "i'm not sketching ponies here!" brilliant.
and i'm still glad roy is the counsellor.

ML Yost said...

Yeah, it's sad that for the 10 or 15 times she's been on the show, there are only these two clips out there that I could find... and they are not even the best ones. Jane is hilarious!