Sunday, September 27, 2009

16 Prayers for the MBTI Types

ISTJ --- God, help me to begin relaxing about little details tomorrow at 11:41:32 am.
ISFJ --- Lord, help me to be more laid back, and help me to do it exactly right.
INFJ --- Lord, help me not be a perfectionist (Did I spell that right?)
INTJ --- Lord, keep me open to others’ ideas, wrong though they may be.
ISTP --- God, help me to consider people’s feelings, even if most of them are hypersensitive.
ISFP --- Lord, help me to stand up for my rights (if You don’t mind my asking).
INFP --- Lord, help me to finish everything I sta
INTP --- Lord, help me be less independent, but let me do it my way.
ESTP --- God, help me to take responsibility for my own actions, even though they’re usually not my fault.
ESFP --- God, help me to take things more seriously especially parties and dancing.
ENFP --- God, help me keep my mind on one thing - Look, a bird - at a time.
ENTP --- God, help me follow established procedures today. On second thought, I’ll settle for a few minutes.
ESTJ --- God, help me to try not to run everything, but if You need some help, just ask.
ESFJ --- Lord, give me patience and I mean right now.
ENFJ --- God, help me to do only what I can and trust You for the rest. Do You mind putting that in writing?
ENTJ --- God, help me to slow downandnotrushthroughwhatIdoAmen.

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