Sunday, September 27, 2009

MBTI Epitaphs - 16 Head-stones by Type

by Doug Bates

ESTJ --- Be back next year with flowers!
ESFJ --- Arranged my own funeral
ENFJ --- Another opportunity for learning
ENTJ --- Whoever did this, I'll get you one day
ENTP --- Death is being out of options
ENFP --- Catch you on the flip side
ESFP --- Where did everybody go?
ESTP --- Well, THIS is boring
ISTP --- Build a better coffin
ISFP --- Smell a flower for me
INFP --- Eternal harmony
INTP --- Talk about "analysis paralysis"
INTJ --- NOW try telling me what to do!
INFJ --- The ultimate clarity
ISFJ --- Wish I could still help
ISTJ --- Forever on time  

1 comment:

utexashorns said...

I am an ENTP- this is SO true. I really did an LOL. Being out of options is the equivalent to death for me!