Sunday, April 26, 2009

Time, Tension and Technology

Two years later, almost to the day, and it is quite conspicuous that my Blog has collected some virtual dust.

As my work in the secular world has recently required me to take note of the newest social media phenomenon of Twitter, I’m hoping to use that vehicle to rebuild my writing muscles little by little and get back to Blogging here more regularly.

The irony is that I’ve done fair volume of writing and publishing in the last two years since my last Blog post, but none of it on topics of choice (all for work). However, I’ve also been repeatedly blessed by opportunities to witness in the workplace that have affirmed my belief that I’m where God wants me, so I soldier on.

My tension comes from the push-pull of having so much to share and no time to share it. Great ideas unrealized… a whistled tune lost in the wind… was that the thought that was going to make a difference for someone else to read and I never put it out there?

I think every Christian struggles with that from time to time – am I putting God first? I think there’s a greater measure of that than whether I’m keeping up my Blog, but surely fall short in any given moment. Human, as always.

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