Friday, January 25, 2013

Murder by any other name…

Okay, so Lysol may not come right out and say that the Germs they’re killing are “Living Things” but by the mere fact they use the word “kill” the implication is obvious. Why would you need to kill something that’s already dead, or was never living to begin with? The bacteria, germs, mold and mildew can’t even be seen by the naked eye, but we know that it is alive, and will continue to grow and spread and we need to kill it to stop it from interfering with our lives. There’s nothing wrong with NOT wanting these germs in our lives so we have no shame about wanting to kill them. We don’t even hesitate to use the word “kill” despite the potential for societal sensitivity or judgment.

Why? Because there is no moral wrong. We feel righteous in referring to the ending of the life of a germ “killing” because we all believe the germ has no rights, no value to us and deserves to die.This we can all agree on.

Why, then, if the people who lobby to protect the legalization of abortion truly feel righteous that the act of ending a pregnancy is not a moral issue, simply a medical issue, why would they go through so much effort to call it something other than what it really is? Killing.