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What is it?
The purpose of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) personality inventory is to make the theory of personality type-preference understandable and useful in people’s lives. Much of the seemingly random variations in behavior are actually quite orderly and consistent. The purpose of the workshop is to guide people through their own self-discovery process to determine their 4-letter MBTI Type with an understanding and clarity that a 15 minute test could never accomplish.

Two million people a year take the MBTI to help them make constructive use of their differences and promote understanding and effective cooperation. The basic principles of understanding personality Type can be applied to a variety of relationships from workplace dynamics to couples and families to improve communication, promote positive attitudes towards different styles, and facilitate understanding, appreciation and respect between co-workers, husband and wife and parents and children.

Who should sign up?
At the end of a terrible day, do you need a quiet evening with a book to shake it off, but your spouse needs an evening out with friends to unwind from a bad day? Do you need a check list to get things done, but your teenager needs the TV and the iPod going to get their homework finished? These simple differences can create havoc in the home if you don’t understand them. The MBTI is a great tool for gaining insight into your spouse, children or other people in your life to improve communication and understanding while reducing conflict.

If you just have an interest in what makes you (and others) tick, or if you specifically have always wanted to know more about the MBTI and how it can benefit your communications and relationships, then you need to sign up for an MBTI workshop!

Why I do this?
I have been working with the MBTI for years as a business and coaching tool, both as an in-house trainer and as an outsourced consultant. But in 2008 I was inspired to find a way to share this great tool with my church family. The tools that the MBTI gave me personally have been such a blessing in my life and relationships that I really felt called to bless others with these tools. In 2008 I brought a my first free workshop to Fair Oaks Church using the MBTI to explore our spiritual bent in how we relate to God. Since then I have been privileged to have the opportunity to bring the MBTI concept together with personal-life applications in a marriage and parenting for several free workshops at Fair Oaks Church.

How do I sign up?
If you are local to the Northern Virginia area, you can visit the Fair Oaks Church website, to see if there is a free workshop coming up you can register for or email me at for more information and dates.

If you are interested in booking a workshop at your church or business, email me at for info, availability and pricing.

What other people are saying…
Many thanks to all the people who have participated in my workshops who have shared their feedback:

I really enjoyed the exercises with the groups. It was interesting to see how other people respond to questions and to guess the "type". - August 2011

I think everything was well covered and the booklet to take home was extremely helpful and more in depth if I had questions. - August 2011

It was perfect! - August 2011

It was great, well communicated and I see how workplaces do this type of thing but really liked the spiritual application. - April 2011

Thank you so much for taking the time to do the workshop and to make it relevant and interesting. Much appreciated! - April 2011

I loved your workshop and even gained more hearing it a second time. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! - April 2011

Excellent job of delivering the material and sharing your stories to make the 4 hours go by so quickly. Thank you for being such a blessing to the members of Fair Oaks Church! - April 2011

I thought it was great and it really confirmed a lot for me and my marriage and I am so glad we are doing this now so hopefully we can benefit a lot from it as we raise our family together. – March 2011

I thought it was great. Would have loved to dive a little deeper, but for the purpose of the seminar it was the right amount of time for the breadth of material. – March 2011

Great information and the presenter is well-versed and knowledgeable. – March 2011

There was so much information I know I am going to have to go back over it several times. – March 2011

I enjoyed the seminar immensely. Thanks! – March 2011

It's amazing how knowing so little about a person's type can help. – August 2010

We REALLY enjoyed it. In fact, it has helped in so many areas already. It was great to dialogue with our friends too who went to the workshop! THANK YOU again for doing this! I know we'd love to attend an "extended" version of marriage/children if you ever have one! – August 2010

As the information on personality traits were shared, I thought I wonder f there were other ISFJs struggling with the same issues I wish there was time to reconnect with those that shared the same traits. It was interesting to me when we did the opening exercises how affirming it was to be with like thoughts. In society we are often so busy adapting that it felt comforting to not have to feel that my view were abstract but shared. Everything was wonderful!!! Will there be a reunion????? LOL Thank you Lauren :) – August 2010

I would be interested in attending a follow-up session (2-4 weeks after workshop) for participants to share, discuss and ask questions.– August 2010

I enjoyed this so much that I find that I told some of my friends. Thank you so much for this session I learned a lot about myself and my husband and how I could now communicate better to him and vice versa. – August 2010

It opened my eyes to why we interact within relationships the way we do. It helped me feel comfortable with who I am and not guilty about my choices. – August 2010

I thought the seminar was great. There is just so much information to share. I think adding a little time to the schedule would enhance the experience. – August 2010

For me everything about the workshop was wonderful! I do wish we had more time to cover more of the material. I couldn't believe that the time was over because I was so engaged in the content. – August 2010

I really want to find out how I could get my kids type so I could tailor my discipline to their actions and not always come off as such a strict parent. – August 2010

Pacing, engagement, and content was professional, personal, and relevant. Outstanding facilitation of questions, and awareness of the audience which provided everyone a relaxed and enjoyable workshop. – August 2010

I enjoyed all of the stories and the topic you discussed. – August 2010