Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Family Lapdogs

For those who have visited the Yost home, you have surely experienced the pleasure (misfortune, terror) of being greeted at the door by our two pups, Atticus and Rapha. For those who have stayed long enough to sit down, you know that Atticus and Rapha believe themselves to be lapdogs. If they were Westies, that would be less of an issue. Since they are Great Pyrenees, a guest may have issue with the 95 pound furball that just leaped onto their lap.

Unless you're one of those (okay, okay - one of us) who watch the dog shows on Animal Planet or you know someone who raised and herded sheep on a farm, you may not be able to picture what a Great Pyrenees looks like, let alone imagine one on your lap.

Well, thanks to Cesar dog food's new bistro commercial, you can peer into our world for a few seconds (at about 14 seconds in)...

I have to say, the first time we saw the commercial we were giddy with excitement (clearly it doesn't take much). We never see other Pyrs unless we're watching a dog show and it was cool to see them shown in their true and natural state: on their owner's lap!

For those who haven't visited in a while, we have convinced Atticus that each guest doesn't really want or need a a big hug with his paws wrapped around your neck. It's safe to come back now.

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1 comment:

tracey said...

Love it! Your dogs are very sweet - I met them at Trunk or Treat one year - and I think it's quite funny they see themselves as lap dogs.
: )