Monday, February 15, 2010

A Destiny Decades in the Making

My darling husband and I "met" at a mutual friend's Christmas dinner on a warm, snowless Christmas day. Although Edward and I became fast friends, best friends with a frightening number of things in common, it was another year before we saw God's hand moving us from best friends to best relationship anyone could ask for - we married another 18 months later.

Those of you who have been blessed enough to marry your best friend, you know how lucky you are, but you also know God frequently has a sense of humor in that situation.

One of the things I find most amusing about God's plan to bring us together is the number of times He crossed our paths prior to that pivotal Christmas dinner.

One year before that, Edward and I worked in the same office building for about a 3 month cross over where, although he was on the 3rd floor, and I was on the 2nd, we came in at the same time and there were only two elevators. We HAD to have been in that elevator together at least once, if not frequently.

A decade before we "met" the recruiting firm I was working for was working with his company to assist with building up a new staff at a new location. I remember being the liaison to that company ... we HAD to have spoken on the phone one or several times.

Over two decades before we met, although I was living in Michigan and Edward was living in West Virginia, our families both took summer trips to Cedar Point - a popular roller coaster park in Sandusky, Ohio. I'm sure that every little kid that's been to Cedar Point has had their picture taken in one of those silly blue hippos.

I have to wonder how many times Edward and I actually encountered each other throughout our lives and just never realized it was all part of God's plan for our future as husband and wife.

You gotta love God's plans ... and the way he executes them!


tracey said...

that is amazing! truly evidence that GOd has a sense of humor. : )

ML Yost said...

It was actually a little creepy putting all the coincidences together... like a sceen out of Sliding Door or Serendipity.

jill b said...

Sort of feel like a stalker but we *almost* know each other from Fair Oaks and I always see you comment on Tracey's blog so I popped over...

My mom taught my husband in elementary school and knew him long before I met him in high school. Good thing he was well-behaved as a child :) Also, we're from Northwest Ohio and went to Cedar Point ALL the time!