Thursday, November 5, 2009

Confessions of a Morning Person

There was some cyber-chatter earlier today about an obnoxious “Good morning, Good morning, Good Morning” song from many years ago that used to get some radio play in the Detroit area and was apparently and instrument of morning torture of several parents and siblings who were definitely NOT morning people.

I found a clip of it on YouTube if you are a masochist and should feel so inclined to play it.

I too grew up in the Detroit area and remembered the song after everyone was talking about it, but had clearly blocked all memories of it and missed the golden opportunity to torture my children with it.

I am DEFINITELY a morning person … and I DID always wake my two boys with my favorite “Good Morning” song, but as it turned out, it wasn’t much torture for them as all (well, perhaps my voice was) – both of them are morning people too. There were certainly many mornings I wish they weren’t (setting their alarms for 5 & 6am on a Saturday “just because”) but when the boys were younger and they didn’t know yet that dancing around with Mom while singing “Good Morning” was not cool, well, my memory has captured it something like this….

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