Monday, December 7, 2009

The Christmas "Can Can"

I know for as many people that there are "with me" on this one, there just as many against me (Tracey), but I just love Christmas music. It's one of those wonderful things my husband and I discovered we had in common when we were dating.... Need a pick-me-up in July? Christmas music! Need motivation to clean out your closet? Christmas music! Got the sniffles, a skinned knee, bad day at work? Christmas music!

The only thing that could make Christmas music even better is A Cappella Christmas music – barbershop even. Barbershop quartet music is yet another wonderful thing that brought Edward and I together. So when he caught these guys on PBS last night while I was out, he quickly found them on YouTube so he could share them with me as soon as I got home.

Not only are they talented, but they are hilarious as well. Check out these musical comedians singing the best Christmas medleys I’ve heard in a while - a cappella.

Oh, and I understand they’re going to be here in Alexandria, Virginia on December 21st if anyone was looking for early Christmas present ideas for Edward and I. :-)


tracey said...

LOVED the Christmas can can. >: )
i'm not a drinker, but i do love this version of 12 days of Christmas:

ML Yost said...

Oh my goodness that's hilarious! How did we miss doing that for Coffee House? ...well, guess I'm set for next year!