Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So an ENTP and an INTJ walk into a funeral …

One of the things I find most enjoyable about my ENTP son is the random out-of-nowhere questions or conversations he comes up with that, as an INTJ, I might have the thought, but it would never make it out of my mouth. These are the same conversations that would make my ISFJ husband want to drive a fork through his left eye because he doesn’t understand why the question is even asked and even less why I engage and prolong the agony.

ENTP: Mom, if I died right now, how many people would people would come to my funeral?
INTJ: I don’t know, 200 – 300 maybe?
ENTP: Really?
INTJ: More than would come to mine, that’s for sure.
ENTP: Nuh uh. Why would you think that?
INTJ: You’re a classic Extrovert, Dear. In half the years, you’ve made 3 times the friends.
ENTP: Ehh, all those people at my funeral are only showing up for the goodie bags.
INTJ: Goodie bags? What kind of funeral have you been to that has goodie bags?
ENTP: You know, goodie bags! Something to bring home to remember it by.
INTJ: Well you better remember tell your future wife, ‘cause I won’t be there to plan it.
ENTP: Why not?
INTJ: Well, I hope to be long dead by the time you die.
ENTP: No, no, no. You can’t die before me. I can’t deal with that.
INTJ: Honey, I have to die first, otherwise that means you’ll die young, and that’s not cool.
ENTP: No, you can live to be 102 and I’ll still live into my 80’s.
INTJ: Oh honey, I have no desire to live to be 102. My financial advisor says my retirement money’s going to run out at 92, so I better croak before I see 93 or I’ll be on your doorstep.
ENTP: Oh, Mom. You can come live with me when you’re 93. You can run around my house telling my kids that when you grew up teachers still used paddles.
INTJ: Honey, if you’re kids are still living at home when you’re 85, you’ve got bigger problems than your mom running out of retirement money.
ENTP: You know, my kindergarten teacher had a paddle too. She never used it, but she made sure we knew she had it.
INTJ: Yeah, clearly you were permanently traumatized… Did you get a goodie bag to remember it by?

Real conversation we had on the way to church tonight.


tracey said...

And I love that E suffers through them. : )

ML Yost said...

Tracey - does your EN*P husband expect goodie bags at his funeral too? Where do they get this stuff. He said it with a totally straight face.

a Putnam said...

ha ha! that is so good. yup - we have had some strange conversations like that with our son too.

tracey said...

Wouldn't surprise me. Does it surprise you that I have a folder on the desktop computer downstairs that says "For my funeral" with music & an e.e.cummings poem I'd like included in the service? Or that I've tried to elicit a promise from my girls that they'll play "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" as they carry me out? : )