Sunday, September 27, 2009

Glass Half Full or Half Empty? 16 Answers from the MBTI Types

Take One (unknown author):

ENFJ --- There's more than enough for friends to share.
ENFP --- Whooeee! Water fight!
INFP --- But look! A crystalline vessel, filled with shimmering, life-giving nectar!
INFJ --- Senator Hophnagle used the rest of it for his mud pie project.
ENTJ --- A "full" glass of water, please.
INTJ --- Yes, that glass will be the flivvium container.
ENTP --- Voila! .157 liters hydrogen hydroxide, prepared by micro gnomes ...
INTP --- Well, it seems just a little more than half full--assuming that it is water...
ESTJ --- Hey! Whose job was it to fill up this glass?
ESFJ --- I can't believe someone would leave this dirty glass out here! Clean up this mess right now!
ISTJ --- It's half empty now, and it wouldn't surprise me if it dried up completely.
ISFJ --- I bet _________ would like to have some water right now ...
ESTP --- You call that a glass of water? Why, back where I come from, ...
ISTP --- So? It's water. Big deal!
ESFP --- There's a glass of water--you know, it's healthy to drink a lot of water, why, I remember when I was growing up that
ISFP --- (Holds up glass to the light, tilts it from side to side, tastes it, wiggles finger in it, grins slightly, moves on.)

Take Two (by Cory Caplinger):

ENFJ --- Look in your heart. It holds the answers to all of life's mysteries. It will tell you what the glass is.
ENFP --- Hey!!! I bet if we got a Bunch of these glasses we could make a waterslide! Or maybe a pool! Oh wait, we could freeze this water and make an ice sculpture! Or we could...
INFP --- Can't you see how this glass represents our world? It is neither perfect nor bad, it's simply here and its value is determined by each and every one of us. We cannot survive if we don't drink the water...if we don't get along with our fellow people.
INFJ --- (closes eyes, concentrates) It's half-empty. (The INFJ is referring to a glass that is 200 miles away)
ENTJ --- You call this competence?!?!?!
INTJ --- How can you say it's half-full? It's half-empty! I refuse to listen to your reasoning!
ENTP ---'s...(Ingeniously constructs a hacksaw from two straws and a shoelace, cuts the glass in half)...Ah...Now it's completely full!
INTP --- What? (Looks up in bewilderment after being distracted from his mathematical theory book)
ESTJ --- Dag nabbit! Look! This water isn't even filled up all the way! What is this world coming to? You know, maybe if people respect the law like they used to in the good old days...
ESFJ --- It's half-full! But we better fill it up all the way before our guests arrive! We must give them a cordial welcome!
ISTJ --- It's half-empty. Such a lazy waiter. Things could get done around here if people worked hard and took more responsibility!
ISFJ --- No, I don't want this glass. I don't deserve it. (Really a ploy to make you feel guilty!)
ESTP ---Water?!?! Bah! Give me Beer! HEY ZEKE! GOT ANY BUDWEISER? And bring out the darts --- me and Johnny got a bet going on!
ESFP --- (Not present to answer because he/she is out at a party)
ISTP --- Eh. Just water. Needs to be spiked with some Jack Daniels though.
ISFP --- (Adds a pinch of lemon) Salut! (Sips while listening to Mozart)

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